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Let's save our Language and Sovereingty. All Mvskoke people matter.

Vote Samuel “Bonnie” Deere for Mvskoke Creek Nation (MCN) national councilor.

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Samuel “Bonnie” Deere

Tribal Town: Alabama Quassarte

Ceremonial Ground: Alabama Quassarte, but raised at Nuyaka

Clan: Nokose

My name is Samuel Deere, but most know me by the nickname Bonnie. I’m currently the Director of Social Services for Alabama Quassarte (AQ) Tribal Town. I am a lifelong area resident of Okemah (Okfuskee District) who grew up in the Nuyaka community and went to school in Weleetka. After attending some college and working in various positions, I returned to Okemah because there is no other place I would rather live and work to be with family and friends. After serving on the MCN commission on Indian Child Welfare and my various community involvement, I realized that I’d like to be able to do more for the Mvskoke people. I was raised to always help people, as a representative, I will listen to the voices of my community and fulfill the goals of our people through hard work, persistence, and involvement. To me, running for office is about serving and ensuring that every Mvskoke counts. Being your National Council Rep comes with a lot of responsibility and I promise to always do my best to represent our Nation and its people.

I grew up known as "Bonnie" in the Nuyaka area, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma. The firstborn son of Phillip Deere, (a well-known traditional medicine man and ordained minister).

I was raised with strong Mvskoke cultural and traditional (to help people) teachings, with the Mvskoke language as my first language.


  • Coordinator and Speaker for International Indian Treaty Conference
  • Guest Speaker for the Businesses in Indian Country Forum as a Traditional Expert
  • Guest Speaker at MCN College for Language
  • Interpreter for Mvskoke-Speaking Elders
  • Coordinator for Round House (Cuko-Polokse Events)
  • Lead Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigator
  • Director for Children Family Services
  • Speaker and Expert Witness on the Forum With the Oklahoma Supreme Court Judge to Detail Indian Child Welfare (ICW) Case in Wagoner County
  • ICW Wagoner Case Study
  • Guest Speaker for University of Washington Social Work Students to Discuss Historical Trauma in Indian Country
  • Consultant on ICW Cases/Issues
  • Member of Mvskoke Nation Commission on Indian Child Welfare

Proudly Serving the Community

  • Instrumental in Legislation to Assist Ceremonial Ground and Church Grants
  • Initiated Support for Rebuilding the Round House Project for the Community
  • Organized and Hosted Mekkulke Meetings
  • Actively Involved in the National Youth and Elder Conference
  • Support and Assist Ceremonial Grounds as Needed
  • Assist All People With Various Requests or Needs
  • Assist in Other Tribal Agencies to Improve ICW Practices and Policies



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